A very successful seller of fake luxury watches

The most successful replicas of luxury watches are sold on very discreet websites that offer various guarantees, as the investigative team confirmed when tackling this illegal market. One even describes its line of "Swiss clone watches" in English as an alternative to the "prohibitively high" prices of famous brands.

The site had dozens of positive reviews, but the program discovered that the photos of purportedly happy customers were actually from an image library. The investigation team then contacted the website to inquire about one of the imitations: a fake watch worth 6,750 euros, which was ultimately sold for 1,565 euros.

The person who answered the phone said he had been in the business for 22 years and described himself as "the leader across Europe." “Since we sell clones of original watches, we are the only store that is not open to the public like a Cartier store,” explains the seller. He defends that his watches are “so good” that any replica watches store They all say "this is actually original".

However, when asked by reporters, the seller admitted that his actions were illegal: "As far as I know, it is illegal to sell any counterfeit brand product, which is an infringement of intellectual property rights." The man pointed out that this is why he Using a US number even though his company is in Spain.